Series review – Love Hina


I happen to have a passion for history, and especially history as expressed by fiction. One of the things which I enjoy the most is reading a classic book and through it obtaining both a contemporaneous account of what it was like to live during that time, and also an insight into how and why this particular influential book or author may have affected fiction as we know it today. I mention this as it was a major factor in me choosing to watch Love Hina to start with. Continue reading

Ace Attorney 03 – Pink Clothes Appreciation

It’s time for another installment of Ace Attorney. What kind of ‘turnabouts’ will we see this week?screenshot-from-2016-10-12-16-14-45

Maya looks super distressed at the start of her trial. I suppose this makes sense though, I’d imagine anyone would be concerned if they were charged with murder, especially if they were innocent. I believe that in this fictional country, the death penalty is a possible sentence for convicted murderers as well, making the trial extra high stakes. Continue reading

Long Riders – Omake

screenshot-from-2016-10-10-11-25-12Owing to the episode delays this week, I don’t have a new episode of Long Riders to write about. I was browsing the Long Riders anime website and found that firstly, the routes ridden by the girls in the anime are based on real locations, and secondly, that there’s a short fictional blog post covering each route written by Ami. You can look at the cycling routes for each episode here. This week I’ve decided to bring you a translation of the websites blog post for episode 1 plus a little general information. I am by no means fluent in Japanese, so my apologies if I get something wrong! I’m never going to learn more kanji if I don’t use more kanji, so this is a learning opportunity for myself. Continue reading

Series Review – Love Lab


Whilst there are many romantic comedies, Love Lab is something slightly different; a comedy about romance. It follows the adventures of 5 middle school girls who make up the student council at their all girls school as they search for the best ways to understand in order to start a romantic relationship, in spite of their school’s prohibition of dating.

Continue reading

Ace Attorney 02 – Miso ramen and burgers


I’m back for the second episode of Ace Attorney. I’m really enjoying seeing the story develop so far despite some of the other problems in the production of this series which seem to continue into this episode.


Right at the start of this episode, we’re introduced to a new character, Mia’s younger sister, Maya. It looks like the clock statuette from the previous episode’s trial has been filled with important evidence and Maya has offered to hold onto it for her sister to keep it safe. I wonder what sort of evidence this is and how it will end up affecting Phoenix? Continue reading

Series Review – Bananya

Series reviews will be sporadic on this blog; whenever I’ve completed watching a series, or want to write about something which I’ve already watched.


Much like the title Bananya is a portmanteau of banana and the noise a cat makes (nya), this series is about creatures who are a portmanteau of bananas and cats. It’s a series of short (3-minute) episodes following the daily lives and adventures of Bananya and his friends. Continue reading