Hello and welcome!

I’ve started this blog so that I can work on my writing skills and also share my enjoyment of anime with others. Hopefully it may also shake me of my terrible habit of watching the first 2-3 episodes of a show while it is currently airing, and then not bothering to watch the rest until 6 months or so later in one giant block.

I’ve been watching anime now for just over 10 years and have seen quite a few different series in that time. The types of anime I’ve found that I like the most include action, shounen, comedy, slice-of-life, and shorts (shows with a 3-5 minute episode time), so it’s likely the anime which I cover on this blog will fall into these categories. I like anime because it often presents different ideas and stories to those of Western media, can be a fun escape, and a good way to learn about Japanese language and culture. You can see shows which I have already seen over at my MAL

I’ve studied Japanese at a tertiary level and would consider myself to have an intermediate ability with the language (I’m not by any means fluent, but I can usually follow the thread of a conversation and can express myself in simple sentences on everyday topics). This awareness, along with some of my other interests (possibly notable will be sewing as I tend to notice things about clothing design on characters) will probably affect the content of my posts. I think that we all have different experiences and interests and these will affect how we see things.

I’m aiming at present to cover one currently airing series and one older series per week, with the occasional additional post, but this idea is definitely subject to change over time.


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