Long Riders – Omake

screenshot-from-2016-10-10-11-25-12Owing to the episode delays this week, I don’t have a new episode of Long Riders to write about. I was browsing the Long Riders anime website and found that firstly, the routes ridden by the girls in the anime are based on real locations, and secondly, that there’s a short fictional blog post covering each route written by Ami. You can look at the cycling routes for each episode here. This week I’ve decided to bring you a translation of the websites blog post for episode 1 plus a little general information. I am by no means fluent in Japanese, so my apologies if I get something wrong! I’m never going to learn more kanji if I don’t use more kanji, so this is a learning opportunity for myself.

Ami’s Cycling Blog Vol 1

Hello, I’m Kurata Ami. This covers the memories of my starting cycling today. My always trusty friend Aoi took me cycling on the Sakaigawa cycle path. This is found in the Kanagawa Prefecture and travels from Yamato to Fujisawa following the course of the river.

I took Ponta-kun and followed the course of the river which was not hilly and so it was easy to ride with the folding bike I bought. Cycling feels really good! Ponta-kun is lovely! So I enjoy doing my best!

Because I didn’t sleep well last night or eat breakfast, I got “Hunger Knock”. This is because I was inexperienced (T_T).

This is a picture which I took at the start of the cycle path.


This is the Sakaigawa cycling path close to Tsukimi station. I met with Aoi under the water pipe bridge. Because cars can’t drive here, the cycling road is not stressful.
Ponta-kun has such small tyres, he’s so cute!! When I was spontaneously taking pictures, Aoi showed up. So I was feeling a little embarrassed when we started cycling.
I felt so good wherever we were riding, but suddenly I ran out of energy which interrupted my cycling. “Hunger Knock” is when there’s no more available energy to use. Aoi taught me that sleeping well and eating enough is important when you’re riding.
I learnt about Japan’s smallest dairy farm, Iieda Farm from some cool cyclists. The gelato from there is super delicious! I want to eat it every day! I said to Aoi maybe we could go together and I’ll ride on Ponta-kun.
From Iieda Farm the road goes to Enoshima. Maybe I will too someday. The return trip is about 40 kilometres. I did my best, though the next day I had lots of muscle pain…

I wonder what kind of scenery I’ll see next time?

You can see some of the real places visited by doing a little research. This is Iida Farm and while it’s stylised in the anime, the production team has obviously done a bit of research about cycling in Kanagawa because this is definitely a real place. I’m really thrilled as this means that not only is this a fun, cute show, but I’m actually learning about real Japanese locations at the same time.

I hope that there won’t be any more production delays and that next week I’ll be able to write about Long Riders 03!

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