Anime Tastes Better

In the series Koufuku Graffiti (it’s a show about cute girls doing cute cooking), the main theme of the show is that ‘food tastes better when you eat it with ones you love’. This is a short reflection on how I think this applies to anime. While it can be fun to watch by yourself, there’s just something about sharing your viewing experience with others which I think can add to your enjoyment.


When I first started watching anime, I was living with my family, and come holiday time, I used to enjoy sitting down with one of my sisters and watching a show together. I’m fortunate enough to get on really well with my siblings and so it wasn’t a surprise that my interest in watching anime lead to one of my sisters being interested in the same hobby. A particularly memorable moment was watching Haruhi together for the first time. We weren’t aware that the broadcast order of episodes was not chronological, and the baseball episode showed up out of nowhere. While perhaps the statement is meaningless to others, we will still occasionally bring up ‘who is that guy and why are they playing baseball?’ as a way of expressing confusion. It was also reassuring that in fact that I hadn’t missed something by myself owing to the shared experience.

These days, I watch a fair bit of anime with my husband, although we still watch some shows separately too owing to different schedules, or he’ll watch things I don’t or vice-versa. Of the 12 anime I’ve currently got listed as watching (how did that list get so big? This seasonal anime thing certainly has made my list a bit out of control), we’re watching about half at the same time. It’s a great way to share quality time together, and it’s also fun to have immediate feedback on surprising, exciting, or humorous moments in a show. I think it’s also a way to broaden each other’s horizons, as a few of the shows we watch together wouldn’t have been a mutual pick (it’s my fault that he watched gdgd fairies. I’m not sorry).

I guess that this is also one of the perks of having a blog. When I’ve watched a show, or even while I’m watching one, I can share my experiences and opinions and get interested replies. While my blog readers may not immediately be friends, shared interests and experiences are a great way to build a friendship, and so they’re people I can get to know over time. Watching so much seasonal anime is a new experience for me too (in the past I’d normally only watch one or two things as they were airing), and I think that it’s reading about other people’s ideas which has encouraged me to try out so many airing shows since starting my blog.

Watching anime alone is good, but watching it with another person is in my experience a chance to make friends, share experiences, and broaden your horizons, all of which can be great!koufuku01

Do you think that anime ‘tastes better with ones you love’? Do you have any stories about how shared watching experience helped increase your enjoyment of a series or build a friendship? I’d love to hear about them!


22 thoughts on “Anime Tastes Better

  1. Watching anime communally with both my brother and my friends have honestly made the entire thing much more enjoyable in the long run, even with the bad shows, because with those we can at least all join in and laugh together at how horrible it is. My favorite case of that is when me and all of my friends in an anime eventually started to mock Romeo X Juliet at every turn for colossally stupid it was, which saved that show from being an unwatchable slog.

    But honestly the biggest boon to watching anime with others is how it expands your horizons in which types of shows you check out. I would have never checked out have of the stuff I watch today if it wasn’t for my friends exposing my to a lot of stuff.

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    • I definitely think that watching things with others is a great way of expanding your horizons. Often friends will know something you may like, or you can just jump into an unknown series head first! My getting into anime to start with, and also me branching out of just watching shounen, fantasy and adventure shows is all thanks to people I know.

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!


  2. Watching anime with others is definitely better than doing so alone. It’s part of the reason why blogging is fun, too, I feel. Too bad my brother isn’t into the shows I watch.

    (12 shows?! Most impressive)

    Thanks for the lovely post.

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    • I have no idea how it ended up being so many either! Some of these are more of a casual watch, but because I started my blog I’ve watched a lot more seasonal anime this season than before. Normally I’d only pick up one or two shows and maybe watch a few more after they’ve finished. I don’t know if this is better or worse, but it’s certainly different!

      It’s definitely great to be able to share how you feel and react to things on a blog. Even in the relatively short time that I’ve been writing, I’ve found it’s fun to get responses and opinions on the shows I watch.

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  3. I have a younger sister and if it wasn’t of her watching one of our national cartoon network, i wouldn’t have watch Cardcaptor Sakura, but by time watching anime with her wstop there. I continue (of course’, I wouldn’t be here if I had stop) and she stop. When I feel like watching Cowboy Bebop: the movie, she watch it a bit with me, but her interest in anime didn’t spark. I hope being able to watch either Fullmetal Alchemist or Psych-Pass with her one day. I would be able to share something with her, cause so far we doesn’t really have similar taste.

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    • Not everyone is super into action series, and sometimes I think you have to bear that in mind when sharing, event though they’re common suggestions when starting out watching anime. One of my sisters has never got into the shounen action stuff, but she loved Ouran High Host Club when we watched it together because she likes romantic comedies in general. If your sis likes another genre when it comes to film or TV, maybe an anime like that would be more to her taste?

      Hopefully you can find things that you’ll enjoy together! It’s very fun spending a time watching a show with family or friends.

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  4. watching anime with others…wonder what that’s like…

    nah, i watched haikyuu with my siblings (my sister plays volleyball), which was pretty cool. for me, a lot of it is just seeing how others react to the same thing.

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    • It would have been interesting watching a sports show with someone who is into the sport! It seems like some sports series go into a lot of detail on how the game works and some gloss over the finer points, and while I’m not sure which Haikyuu does, I’m sure your sister would have been able to fill you in on the game. Or maybe it’s just me who has an insatiable curiosity about the world around me so when I watch a sports show, I want to understand all about the sport, and other people are happy to watch them for character interaction and cute boys/girls.


  5. I got my partner into anime in the last few months we’ve sat down and watch a few shows together, currently were continuing fairytail and assassination classroom. It’s been great to share that with him which I never thought he would watch anime my influence slowly got to him in the end. in my early days of watching watched a whole bunch with my old best friend but these days I watch a lot of anime alone. It doesn’t bother me so much I mainly tweet about it all when I start a new show or are watching one. Having that connectivity with everyone has subsided that feeling on loneliness a little for me but of course watching with others is great too 🙂

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    • I’m lucky that my husband is very into anime (he’s watched way more than I have actually 🙂 ) so it’s something that we can share together, although we definitely both have things that only one of us likes to do as well. It’s nice that your partner has spent some time sharing your hobby with you!

      Being able to tweet or post about things I think is a great way to share with others too. The internet is such a great place to connect with others with similar interests.

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  6. I think it can always be good to watch at least a few shows with someone else; it helps to build a shared cultural language, especially with a partner. And even if you watch things separately, making sure that a partner at least gets to catch your own shows as they walk past is very important; watching Love Live during my alone time has led to my girlfriend worrying that I’m getting absorbed by a franchise she has no knowledge of (granted she isn’t remotely interested in that kind of series though so watching it separately made a certain amount of sense at the time). On the flip side, rewatching Gundam Build Fighters recently during the evenings has helped her to gain at least a baseline understanding of the show and it’s elements, despite again not having a huge interest in it, but now she at least knows some of the characters and mechs involved when I start gabbing about them. And the shows we DO watch together become that much more special because we’re both on the same page when the feels start dropping (looking at you Yuri on Ice!!!)

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    • “watching Love Live during my alone time has led to my girlfriend worrying that I’m getting absorbed by a franchise she has no knowledge of”
      That’s an interesting thought I hadn’t considered. We’re pretty relaxed in this house about our separate interests. I know that there’s some shows my husband likes which I have no interest in, and I’ve recently started to pick up some stuff which he hasn’t seen (there was a point where my anime viewing was basically a subset of his). I know that there are shows that one of us will like and the other won’t (I have a pretty low comfort threshold for horror themes and violence in comparison to the average adult, and I’m insatiable in my love of ‘cute girls doing cute things’, whereas my husband seems to think he like these shows but end up not finishing the last 3-4 episodes of a series), so enjoying things separately is fine. I can see that having your significant other get really into a particular thing while you’re out in the cold may be a bit difficult, especially if they’re the kind of person who likes to rave about things! Thanks so much for sharing!

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  7. I’ve been watching anime ever since I remember. I used to watch anime as a kid with my dad and his friends when they come over our house long ago to hang out. When I started school, I used to watch anime with my friends and classmates. I’m fortunate to have that kind of anime experiences just like you. For me, watching anime is as normal as brushing my teeth. Indeed, you’re very right that watching anime with others and discussing it taste so much better than doing it alone. I’ve been other kinds of blogger before, but I can confidently say that being an aniblogger right now is the most fun I’ve ever had in blogging. Good post. Thank you for submitting this to my blog carnival. I appreciate it. Keep up the good work. Cheers!

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