12 Days of Anime: Day 9 – The Beauty of a Bicycle

Long Riders is a show that I will freely admit has problems (most prominently, scheduling problems). The one thing though which has consistently impressed me throughout the show is just how good the bikes look! The creators have modelled the bicycles on existing models and put a great deal of care into all of the details of a bike. A bike is a pretty complicated piece of equipment with a lot of parts and accessories and so I’m truly impressed with their appearance.

One moment where I think the beauty of a road bike really shines is where Ami takes her bike into Alpaca Cycle for a service.


Look at these lovely gears, don’t you want to just reach out and touch them! Only don’t touch the gears on a bike for no reason, your hands will end up really greasy.

I think anime can really shine in casting light on a hobby or area of interest. The carefully crafted bicycles make bikes look really appealing!


2 thoughts on “12 Days of Anime: Day 9 – The Beauty of a Bicycle

  1. Long Riders! has really impressed me with how many little details about the bikes they get right (and not just on the road bikes). Some of them are tiny things that almost no one other than real cyclists are going to notice, much less understand; my favorite example is how Hinako’s bike computer gives off the typical Garmin ‘you’ve paused/restarted’ beeps when she stops and starts moving. The people behind the show went the extra distance and I have to believe it’s out of genuine love for cycling.

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    • I think that there’s been a lot of research put into the bicycle side of things, as you’re right that even the sound of the bike computer and the gear changes feels very authentic, as well as the look of all the bicycles. I went into the show expecting very little on the bike front but have been pleasantly surprised with how accurate and detailed all the cycling-related things have been.


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