12 Days of Anime: Day 10 – gd Bungee Jumping

gdgd fairies (my review of the series is here) is without a doubt, the gdest anime which I have watched this year (not the best or my favourite, but it’s very fun). A moment which I think really captures the ridiculous absurdity of the whole show is when the three fairies decide to go bungee jumping and have a scavenger hunt.

I think how this plays out really shows off the personalities of the three fairies. Piku tries her best but fails miserably when attempting to obtain jeans, Shiru achieves the possible and grabs some glasses, but Koro goes above and beyond and succeeds at the ridiculous pulling some school building up with her.


It’s this sort of madcap absurdity which really drives the show (together with some solid writing). This moment in anime stood out to me because it made me laugh uncontrollably the first time I watched it. Humour is perhaps one of the most subjective things, but gdgd fairies certainly succeeds in tickling my funny bones. I’m probably pretty easy to please when it comes to comedy, but it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a good laugh.


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