New Year’s Blog Aspirations

Happy new year readers! While it’s still just another day, a year’s end and new beginning is a great chance to be a bit retrospective and also set some goals. I’m going to use this post to mention some anime or blog-related things I’m hoping to attempt this year.

Blog Goals

  • Continue to maintain a regular posting schedule
    3 posts a week seems like it’s going to be achievable for me, and I’d like to be able to keep this up. I’m not one to lock myself down to particular days, as I find setting overly tight goals tends to reduce my chances of achieving them (I actively work to counteract my perfectionist traits), but I’m definitely hoping to consistently post 3 times a week, and may try out some different things in those posts in order to learn more and bring more to my readers!
  • Learn more about how anime is made, so I can bring more insight to my posts
    I mentioned in one of my 12 days posts that my curiosity has been awoken about the anime creation process. I’m probably going to always be a story-driven girl at heart, but I think understanding how something is made is useful in having a more informed opinion about technical aspects. I’m not sure how exactly to make this goal measurable, but I do plan to pursue this field of interest this year.
  • Do more stuff about shorts
    I think that anime shorts don’t get a lot of focus in the blogging world (to be fair, they are quite different from many shows and perhaps don’t contain the elements which many people find engaging in anime), and I’d love to be able to write about and showcase more of them. I’ve got a couple of ideas which I’m planning to put into action in the near future.

Anime Goals

  • Watch a longer-running series
    I’ve been very reluctant to begin watching anything which is over 50 episodes for some time (mostly sticking to 13 or 26 episode shows). I think perhaps I may be missing out on something, so I’m hoping to select and watch a longer series this year, even if I do it slowly. Like shorts, I think that longer series have their own unique styles of storytelling, and I’d like to give one a chance again!
  • Watch a series from the sports genre
    Scorching Ping Pong Girls showed me that the storytelling in sports anime may be to my interest, although perhaps not about to top my number-one preferred comedy and slice-of-life duo. I’d like to try something which is less heavy on the cute girls and see how I feel about it!
  • Watch a series from the mecha genre
    I’ve not watched a lot of mecha shows (and Evangelion which I have watched is more about interpersonal relationships than mechs to be honest), and I’d like to give one a go! Giant robots are pretty cool.
  • Watch a shoujo series
    I’ve watched a few shoujo series which lean pretty heavily into the general comedy side of things (Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun is pretty great), but I’ve never really felt especially interested in romantic comedy, or shoujo in general. I actually don’t think I’ll be a huge fan, but I’d like to try something out so I can form my own opinions instead of just making assumptions about the genre.

With these different anime-related goals, I may take some feedback or suggestions from my readers as to what I may enjoy or what is well-regarded in these genres. If you have anything you’re dying to suggest in any of the genres above, why not mention it! I may set up a proper poll at a time when I’m feeling ready to try out a series.

teekyu2604Remember for all goals, you want to set something which is measurable and achievable, and also, don’t worry too much if it turns out things don’t go exactly to schedule. While it’s satisfying to set a goal and achieve something, I think it’s also of value when you don’t succeed as long as you can look back and learn from the experience (I’m writing this mostly as a pep-talk for myself and my perfectionist traits, but I think it may be of value to others). Do you have any goals for this year? Do you just want me to change this to The Shorts Blog? I’d love you to mention your thoughts in the comments.

9 thoughts on “New Year’s Blog Aspirations

  1. So long as you post things and you’re happy with them, I couldn’t care less about the “focus” of your blog.

    As per recommendations, a good sports anime is Ping Pong The Animation. Among the only sports anime I will genuinely fan myself over. As per Shoujo, Kimi ni Todoke is pretty good, while I also enjoyed Lovely Complex, and I hear Ore Monogatari!! is a good one (though whether that’s Shoujo or not is debatable). Can’t say anything about mecha as I’m not too experienced with the genre, but Gurren Lagann is an emotional blast.

    Hope to see more from you, and happy New Year!

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  2. I liked reading your goals you have 🙂 you don’t have to take my recommendations romance there’s a division of teenage or adult love, Kimi no todoke is in the highschool love kind but it’s my favourite romance. For more matureness Nana is always recommended a lot,I enjoyed it, it’s good.

    Sports anime well I’m new to the genre myself, I started off with a not so popular one chihayafuru don’t regret it being my first very different to other sports anime out there.

    Mecha I know gurren lagaan was said already it is emotional but such a blast to watch, I introduced that to my partner he loved it. Gundam seed for me was a great balance of plot, entertaining battles and emotional ties all the characters had, guarantee you’ll enjoy that one.

    I wish you luck with all your goals XD

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  3. Cross Game combines sports and a long-running series (although it’s only 50 episodes). It’s also a good introduction to the work of Mitsuru Adachi, who has done a whole series of what are widely considered classical baseball sports stories (some of which have been animated), the best known of which is probably Touch. One potential drawback (or advantage) of Cross Game is that it’s not just a pure sports story; Adachi mixes a number of other significant elements in.

    (If you want to go into Cross Game completely cold, you shouldn’t look at any summaries of it.)

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  4. Woo, new year and new goals!
    Hmmm if you’re intending on giving mecha a shot, maybe watch Code Geass? Both seasons were 2cour so that makes around 50 episodes. I rather enjoyed it! Also season 3 is apparently in the works so there’s that.

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