The Return of Pasta?

This is a quick post to say hello to my readers after my long absence. I suffer from an as yet undiagnosed chronic illness (I affectionately refer to it as ‘mystery chronic illness’ owing to lack of a better name, although I can tell you a number of things which I do not have) which flared up to the point where I was unable to read any quantity of text from a backlit screen without feeling extremely dizzy for a few weeks. Having my energy levels return to normal (for me) seems to be a pretty slow process, but I’m gradually feeling a bit better and trying to get back into the schedule of things I do regularly to create routine.

One small positive of all this very quiet downtime is I have watched a lot of anime! A lot of anime! I’m excited to be able to hopefully write about some of the series I have seen and and thoughts I have had while lying quietly on the lounge. Content may come out fairly slowly though as I recognise the need to take things easy and not put too much pressure on myself to put content out on a regular basis.

Owing to wanting to take things easy, I’ve decided to stop doing episodic posts for the time being. I enjoy reading other people’s episodic posts (particularly of shows which I know that I won’t care to watch myself but have some level of interest as to how they play out), but owing to the time pressure, or at least the perceived time pressure of needing to have an episodic post out in a timely fashion, I don’t feel that it’s realistic for me to commit to posting. I’d rather use my blogging time to write analytical posts or reviews, both of which I’d been finding more fun to write leading up to my break. I’m still very much feeling things out and trying new things in order to see what works and what doesn’t work for me, so this may be subject to change later on.

Coming up, I’m hoping to do a season preview of the Spring anime season and highlight some shows I’m excited about which are coming up, share a few reviews, hopefully write something about the amazing Kemono Friends, but overall, I’ll just be trying to take things easy. I probably won’t do the crazy thing I did at the end of last season where I tried to push out reviews for all the series I’d watched in the couple of weeks following their conclusion. I have watched a number of shows this season (including a whole pile of shorts), and I do hope to share my thoughts about them on the blog at some point in the future!

I’m planning to spend a bit of time trying to catch up on what other people have been writing, but I feel that getting up to date with everything would be somewhat insurmountable. So, if you saw something which was really good (or you wrote something cool yourself), if you post it in the comments I’d be happy to check it out! I’m hoping to take things slowly but be a bit more on top of everything in the coming weeks.lucy02

13 thoughts on “The Return of Pasta?

      • It sounds like a severe case of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (provided there are no other underlying issues you aren’t aware of).

        I have the same problem, although nowhere near as basic life affecting since I can still make it to work most days.

        I hope you manage to get to the root of the issue/recover soon!

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        • The doctor I was seeing didn’t think I fit the official diagnostic criteria for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, because of the fact that I don’t experience additional symptoms like associated pain or sensitivities to food or external stimuli. I’ve started seeing a new doctor this year to get a second opinion, so we’ll see how that pans out. She said she needed to do a bit of research/consulting and would get back to me, as we’ve already excluded a number of things from prior testing.

          I had the feeling from your posts that you either had a chronic illness or sleep disorder (as totally not a doctor who has only heard what you’ve written I would have said narcolepsy, but CFS also fits). It’s good that yours isn’t at the point where you can’t keep up a regular job, but I know it’s still totally challenging!

          A friend suggested blogging to me as an outlet and a way to keep myself busy in a low-key sense, and it’s been really good. I can keep a sense of routine and connection with others, but I’m not under pressure to get things done. Plus I get to write about anime which is great because I enjoy it so much!

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