6 thoughts on “Spring 2017 Preview

    • I’m time rich and will probably end up picking up more things (like most of the TV shorts which get simulcast by Crunchyroll, except probably not the one which has a plot synopsis like a Mills & Boon novel), but I’m trying to not pressure myself too much with too many shows to start with. Being a bit sicker than normal has meant I’ve had to reevaluate what I’m doing and try and not put myself into situations where I’ll stress myself out. Also there’s way less cute girls doing cute things shows this season; it seems like we only get Hinako Note.

      It’s probably going to be just as dumb and poorly put together as the original One Room, but my curiosity demands that I find out about Room Mate. I guess they’re going for the female audience this time? I’m yet to find a ‘you are the protagonist’ series where the camera angles would reasonably allow for you being the protagonist, and this is a source of deep disappointment. It’s a dumb gimmick, but I’d still love to see it executed in a convincing manner.

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      • Mmm fair enough. Best to not bite off more than you can chew and all. I’m sorry to hear you’re still more fatigues than usual.

        Only getting Hinako Note is a disappointment, but we were blessed with a wide selection of CGDCT shows in 2016. We’ll somehow get through these 3 months.

        You’re definitely right in every count. Unless they wanted to go for a yaoi situation.

        The dream lives on despite killing us with each failed attempt!

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  1. I’m only tentatively looking forward to Boku no Hero Academia… The first season was so very good – despite it’s awful pacing problems. And as long as we get at least one CGDCT this season I’m good. (Hopefully it doesn’t suck!)

    Gotta get my list out soon…

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    • I know one of my problems with the shounen genre is many series start out really strong but start to lose their way a part way through. Who knows how Hero Academia will turn out? I’m just hoping that we spend enough time with the class to get to know them a bit better. Having that huge class and less than 13 episodes to get to know them was a bit dizzying.

      CGDCT is what I live for as well. I hope Hinako Note delivers!


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