Finding A Tasty Adventure in The Snack World

I’ve been enjoying watching The Snack World recently. It’s a show made for children which ties in with Level-5’s (makers of Yokai Watch) latest franchise for Japan. It’s not been licensed by anyone for an English-speaking market, and I don’t believe that there are any plans to do so at present. This is the sort of series I enjoy and so I was watching without subtitles. It has recently been picked up by a fansub group though, and at the time of writing, there are subs for 2 episodes. As it’s now available to a larger audience, I thought I may give a bit of an overview of the series.

The Snack World is set in a world of fantasy which has some aspects which are similar to our own. The world is full of both slimes and smartphones, krakens and convenience stores. It’s a strange blend of modern and fantastic elements. It also heavily references western fairy tales and folk tales, so there are characters like Cinderella, Pinocchio, and Peter Pan, only a little different to the way you may remember them. It’s not a series which is super heavy on world-building and lore (the only details which have been carefully explained are the ones which tie in with the toys related to the franchise), but I think that excessive exposition is not needed and it’s been interesting picking up little hints about the way the world works as the series progresses.




It’s also a bit different to most anime series, being animated in full 3DCG. It’s very unlike most CG anime productions too, as instead of trying to emulate a 2D style, the designs are reminiscent of claymation. It’s interesting watching some anime reaction staples (like super-deformed characters to show reactions) translate to this 3D world.

It follows the story of a band of hapless adventurers; Chup, Mayone, Pepperon, and Gobson, as they take on some ridiculous quests. I’ve been enjoying the fact that it showcases persistence as the heroes fail in a variety of different (generally amusing) ways before they succeed at a task. It’s a high-energy adventure story with some great visual comedy and puns.

Even though there are no current licensing plans, there is for some reason an official English-dubbed trailer for The Snack World, which is basically a digest of the first episode.


It’s not an outstanding series, but I have found it highly entertaining. If you enjoy children’s comedy, or a lively fantasy adventure, The Snack World may be worth a taste!Eating snacks in The Snack World anime


8 thoughts on “Finding A Tasty Adventure in The Snack World

    • I had to get 10 episodes in to see proper snacks. I was expecting a lot more snacks from an anime titled ‘The Snack World’. I can’t really figure out what the snacks are even referring to, it doesn’t seem like すなく is even a Japanese word meaning something different. Maybe it was a situation where the creators just thought having the English title sounded cool?

      Having said that, it’s definitely been enjoyable, and it also makes me feel like my studies have been paying off as I’ve been able to enjoy a lot of the verbal humour in spite of not having subtitles! I can’t give a universal recommendation for the series, but if you like similar sorts of anime, it’s got good production values and some silly gags, so it would be worth a look for people who like the genre.

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      • Yikes. Maybe you’re right about them throwing in the word for coolness. Snacks kind of sounds neat when it rolls off the tongue, admittedly.

        Mmm I’m glad you’re enjoying it. Your practice and diligence has paid off, too, yay! Ah got it. I’m not exactly sure which genre would this fall under, but I’ll take your word for it.

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        • If I had to give some genre descriptions, I’d say maybe kids, shounen, action, and comedy. To compare it to other Crunchyroll airing kids options, it’s not as off the wall as Heybot, but it’s more light-hearted than Monster Hunter Stories. I usually enjoy anime targeted at children or families, and this is no exception. I think people either like kids stuff or they don’t. I feel like it has huge general appeal, but if you already like kids anime, this is a fun watch!

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          • Ah, that does sound fun.
            But it seems like I’m rather limited in exposure to kids’ shows since I am not familiar with the other CR series you just mentioned. I guess I will just have to jump into such series and find out about where I stand!
            A show being a fun watch is pretty high praise!

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            • There’s stuff that’s generally well-regarded like Aikatsu and Precure (Pretty Cure), neither of which are licensed. I actually haven’t seen these! I would like to at some point! I do know that a lot of people are pretty positive about them though, including some people who wouldn’t watch other kids anime.

              Crunchyroll also has a number of anime which are aimed at kids in their catalogue. Currently airing shows I’m watching with kids as a target demographic include Heybot, Monster Hunter Stories, Go Go Goma-Chan, Pri Pri Chi-chan, 100% Pascal Sensei, and Bonobono. Now that I’m watching a bunch of seasonal anime, I’ll usually pick up the kids offerings each season. This is stuff which never would have got subbed in the past so I have a huge debt of gratitude to CR for licensing all these shows. Shows for kids of course aren’t all alike, and you may find you like some and not others, or just don’t care for them at all. I don’t think there’s any specific way to identify a series as being aimed at children, but I’ve just given you a big list right there I guess!

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