12 Months of Blogging!

1 YearI can’t believe that it’s been 12 months since I started this blog. I decided to start writing after I had the suggestion of a friend that it would be an activity that would be fun, boost my writing skills, and work on self-expression. I wasn’t really sure how long I’d be writing for and if I’d take to the activity, but after a year, I’m still here!

Guruguru08162017 has been a bit of a difficult year personally, with my undiagnosed chronic illness making it hard to even take care of some simple things. This has meant that it’s been hard for me to keep up with my original posting goals from when I was feeling (somewhat) more healthy, but I’ve still managed to keep up with some writing. I don’t have any specific schedule goals for the present because of this, but I am hopeful that things may improve for me personally, and also that I’ll be capable of writing more.

While I recognise that I still have lots of room for improvement when it comes to my writing style (I know that I’m still awkwardly formal), I think that I can both see personal improvement in my writing, and also recognise my growth in other areas. By interacting with the blogging community, I’ve learnt a lot about what makes an entertaining post, broadened my anime-watching horizons by looking at shows which others covered which I would not have normally looked at, learnt about some of the technical craft behind how an anime gets made instead of just looking at the stories told, and also made some fantastic friends. I never expected reading posts and engaging with others on Twitter to be quite this fun.

Lucy56Here are a few of my favourite posts from my first year of blogging

Sekkou Boys Review – I managed to have an excuse to fill this post with puns. While it’s not an amazing show, it was a very fun piece to write and I’m quite happy with it.

Love and Loss in One Room – This is a joke post covering the ‘first-person’ anime, One Room for April Fool’s day. I both think that I did a good job of creating a hypothesis with visual analysis, and also somehow managed to get someone to watch an episode of One Room. (I don’t suggest anyone actually watches One Room – you don’t need to repeat my mistakes)

Anime Tracking Site Comparison – Honestly, I feel far more comfortable writing factual/resource posts than opinion posts, and I’m really happy with being able to put together some information which I hope would be useful to others.

I Like Shorts – A post talking about some of the reasons I really enjoy short form anime.

I’d love to thank all the people who read and interact with my posts! While I started writing for me, it’s very encouraging receiving views, likes, and comments, and I can’t believe that I’ve reached 166 WordPress followers (plus a number of other people who I know read my blog either just through Twitter or through cryptic Bing searches such as “rice plain paster” and “agatha rice series”). A very special thanks to my wonderful husband and proof-reader, nth_sheep, who saves many embarrassing spelling and grammatical errors from being posted, and stops my run-on sentences before they start fleeing the country.

Guruguru942101.jpgI’m not sure if I have any specific plans for the future, other than wanting to keep writing mostly about anime, and maybe occasionally about other things related to media/culture. I’m still definitely planning to focus on my areas of interest in anime, like clothing design, anime shorts, puns, and food. Thanks for being with me on this journey!

17 thoughts on “12 Months of Blogging!

  1. I guess the old saying time flies when you are having fun, is true 😀 One year already: terrific achievement, so congratulations ! 😊 I hope your health will improve in the coming months. Wishing you all the best, and of course looking forward to all your future posts! 😀

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  2. Congrats on the anniversary! Regular writing really does help, regardless of what you’re doing. Before my current project MoeGamer, I posted something — anything — every day on my now-defunct personal blog as a means of expressing myself and experimenting with all manner of different writing styles. It was a valuable experience, and good self-therapy through some difficult times, too!

    Good luck with your future content, and I hope you get some sort of positive progress on your mystery illness in the near future. I know too well how much of a stress that sort of thing can be, as my wife has been struggling with apparently inexplicable chronic pain for several years now, and it really takes its toll on both you and the people closest to you. So you have my sincerest wishes that things improve!

    Here’s to many more years. Good luck!

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  3. Congratulations on hitting the big milestone!

    I’m sorry to hear your illness is keeping you down, but I’m also pleased to hear about your future plans. More posts on clothing design, anime shorts, puns, and food are sorely needed in this world! And you’re definitely right about the kind community. They’re a blessing!

    Looking forward to all that you plan on doing (while keeping my fingers crossed).

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