Long Riders! 01 – Love at first bike

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I love slice-of-life, and cycling is one of the few sports which interested me, so when I found out there would be a slice-of-life cycling anime, I knew this was going to be a must watch. Long Riders has not disappointed me thus far. I am by no means an expert on bikes and cycling, so if I’ve got any bike facts wrong, please tell me! I’m always willing to learn. I’ve done a few short organised rides, and will occasionally get out on the road or one of the bike paths near my house. My father is very keen on cycling, both riding himself, and also watching competitive cycling, particularly road cycling. I’ve caught just a little of his enthusiasm.


We meet Ami and her friend Aoi. Ami, as typical to this sort of show isn’t really involved in anything but is hoping to find something which she considers meaningful to do.


Ami sees a folding bike and is smitten with it, and suddenly decides to try out cycling. Continue reading