12 Days of Anime: Day 12 – An Ode To Joy

Classicaloid is the anime which I have been really enjoying and it seems that other people aren’t really into. I want to finish off my 12 days of anime though with a look at the opening sequence of the first episode. I took piano lessons as a young child, and something about the sounds of classical music really struck a chord with me. I’ll still often opt for a classical piece if I’m just looking to relax, or as some low-key background sound while working on writing or chores. Classical music is often used in media, I think both because of its beautiful sounds and also because it’s in the public domain and therefore you don’t need to go through too many hassles to make use of the tunes. An Ode To Joy has been used many times in anime (I’m sure many of you can think of the dramatic sequence in Evangelion set to this tune), but Classicaloid puts its own spin on the classic tune.

This is unadulterated visual joy set to classical music. Continue reading


12 Days of Anime: Day 11 – When I thought I Was Losing It

The first few minutes of The Devil Is A Part Timer anime are set in the fictional world of Ente Isla. We get to see some set up which leads to the Devil and the Hero being stranded on earth. The world has the typical fictional maps, typical fantasy trappings, but what it also has is a totally made up language.

I’m by no means fluent in Japanese, but I can often understand the thread of a conversation or at least pick out a few words. The fact that I was hearing the characters converse and not comprehending what was being said at all aside from subtitles was totally confounding. I stopped and restarted the video a few times just to confirm what was going on. I knew that there weren’t different audio options the way I was watching the show, so I was very much puzzled.

Thankfully, once the characters made it to Japan, there was some Japanese speech and I could work out what was going on! Well played Devil is a Part Timer! For a few minutes, I was totally immersed in a fantasy world and absorbed in a sense of strange otherworldliness. As an auditory moment, it’s not easy to convey in written form, but it was a truly memorable moment and something which added to the building of the fantasy world of Ente Isla.

12 Days of Anime: Day 10 – gd Bungee Jumping

gdgd fairies (my review of the series is here) is without a doubt, the gdest anime which I have watched this year (not the best or my favourite, but it’s very fun). A moment which I think really captures the ridiculous absurdity of the whole show is when the three fairies decide to go bungee jumping and have a scavenger hunt. Continue reading

12 Days of Anime: Day 9 – The Beauty of a Bicycle

Long Riders is a show that I will freely admit has problems (most prominently, scheduling problems). The one thing though which has consistently impressed me throughout the show is just how good the bikes look! The creators have modelled the bicycles on existing models and put a great deal of care into all of the details of a bike. A bike is a pretty complicated piece of equipment with a lot of parts and accessories and so I’m truly impressed with their appearance.

One moment where I think the beauty of a road bike really shines is where Ami takes her bike into Alpaca Cycle for a service.


Look at these lovely gears, don’t you want to just reach out and touch them! Only don’t touch the gears on a bike for no reason, your hands will end up really greasy.

I think anime can really shine in casting light on a hobby or area of interest. The carefully crafted bicycles make bikes look really appealing!

12 Days of Anime: Day 8 – Enjoying a California Roll

Earlier this year, I watched Sushi Police, a strange mix of satire of Japanese nationalism, odd comedy, and unusual visuals. The art style to me is faintly reminiscent of stop motion cartoons, although it’s a CG series.

The Sushi Police are so absorbed in their role of eliminating inauthentic sushi that they don’t care about anything else, as shown in this sequence from the second episode of the show. Continue reading

12 Days of Anime: Day 7 – Joy of Exploration

Say what you like about Flip Flappers (and to be honest, I ended up not loving the show), what I think that Flip Flappers did extremely well is showcase the wonder of exploring the unknown. As a child, and even now, I adore reading books or watching media where the characters explore a beautiful fantasy world. The Narnia series for instance is still a big personal favourite for that very reason. The world is beautiful and unknown, and the characters react in a way which reflects the joy of finding out something new. Continue reading

12 Days of Anime: Day 6 – When Hobbies Collide

Outside of my love of anime, one of the things which I have an interest in is sewing and garment construction, with an extra interest in foundation garments (or well… underwear), and also historical clothing. Good foundations make you neatly turned out. Ill-fitting or poorly chosen foundation garments mean that even lovely clothes won’t sit quite right. It’s certainly not the be all and end all of life, but it’s something which I tend to notice wherever I go, including in anime.

This brings me to my major offender; Izetta the Last Witch.
Continue reading

12 Days of Anime: Day 5 – My Brand of Table Tennis

In the past, I’ve not really been interested in sports anime. I’ve never been that interested in playing or watching sports, so I thought that shows about sports would also not be to my taste. Long Riders is very strictly slice-of-life with sports elements, it doesn’t really count as it doesn’t have the genre conventions of a sports anime. Scorching Ping Pong Girls has taken me by surprise and made me think that maybe there’s something to sports anime after all (or at least sports anime with cute girls, I’ll have to try some of the other kind to see what I think). Continue reading

12 Days of Anime: Day 4 – The wrong kind of unexpected

This post is going to talk about Kuma Miko (Girl Meets Bear) in some detail including the series ending. If you’ve not seen the show and would like to, you may want to pass on this post!kumamiko03

Kuma Miko at first glance seemed like it would be like any other cute slice-of-life show with comedy elements, centering around the life of Amayadori Machi a 14 year old Miko living in a small village with her friend and companion, Natsu the talking bear. Machi wants to go to high school in the big city, but she’s totally inexperienced, so Natsu wants to make sure she’s ready for the wider world. Just like any other show is totally fine with me. I guess it’s like all the mediocre epic fantasy I read as a young teen, if it hits the expected notes well, it’s totally fine in my books. Known quantities can be comforting. Continue reading

12 Days of Anime: Day 3 – Understanding that studio thing

Each season when looking at people discussing upcoming new shows, people will frequently mention the studios and production staff who are in charge of the show. While I’ve thought that on an intellectual level this is perhaps interesting to others, I’m not primarily interested in how things look when it comes to my anime and haven’t previously been super interested in the nuts and bolts behind how shows are put together. I watch anime for its unique storytelling and different humour, and the studios putting shows together have barely registered on my radar. Until now. Continue reading