Series Review – Miss Bernard Said.

Miss Bernard Said. (Bernard-jou Iwaku.) is a series of shorts (3 minute episodes) which focus on Mochida Sawako who wishes to be perceived as well-read, and her friends who are genuinely interested in reading.

I think particularly in this day and age with sources of information so readily at our fingertips, there’s plenty of people out there who give off the air of being knowledgeable about a particular subject without having an in-depth knowledge of said subject. There’s a natural desire to want to fit in with those around us, and if our friends or acquaintances are passionate about a particular area of interest, I can understand the desire to feel informed about this area so that you can feel included. Miss Bernard pokes fun at both those who want to absorb the culture of a particular interest without being involved in the interest, and also those who think that only serious fans are true fans of a subject. Continue reading

What’s on this season?

The start of this blog coincides with the beginning of the Fall 2016 anime season so I thought I’d do a quick overview of some of the shows on this season. I’m not going to do a complete list and review because I think that there are far better lists out there ( has comprehensive updated info, and I love the Cart Driver’s season previews though I miss the dumb fake charts). I’m not especially knowledgeable about things like studios and production staff, I just watch what I like to watch and I’m still working on articulating why, plus this preview is kind of a bit late as a few shows have already started airing. I’ll just list some of the things which have caught my attention and say if I’m keen on watching them, or alternatively if I think that they are to be avoided but I noticed them anyway.

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