Best of 2016 Awards

It seems like the end of the year has come upon us before we know it, and it’s a chance for me to look back on the year that we’ve had and see what stood out to me! I’m also going to use this spot as an opportunity to mention things which were exceptional that were not anime. It’s also worth noting that I will on occasion distinguish between favourite and best. A favourite thing is the thing which I personally enjoyed the most. Obviously for me to enjoy it, it may have some technical merit, but something can be a favourite while I recognise its flaws or lack of general appeal. A best thing is one which I think is strong on all technical levels, and I liked it, but it may not have felt as personally enjoyable as a favourite. For something to qualify for an award, I have to have completed it for the first time this year. It doesn’t have to be new in general unless specified, I feel that limiting myself to only new things means that I miss out on shining light on older things and it’s not as though only new things are good, it just has to have been new for me. Also, when it comes to some of the non-anime categories, it would be unusual for me to actually partake of something released in the last 12 months. Continue reading


12 Days of Anime: Day 6 – When Hobbies Collide

Outside of my love of anime, one of the things which I have an interest in is sewing and garment construction, with an extra interest in foundation garments (or well… underwear), and also historical clothing. Good foundations make you neatly turned out. Ill-fitting or poorly chosen foundation garments mean that even lovely clothes won’t sit quite right. It’s certainly not the be all and end all of life, but it’s something which I tend to notice wherever I go, including in anime.

This brings me to my major offender; Izetta the Last Witch.
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