12 Days of Anime: Day 4 – The wrong kind of unexpected

This post is going to talk about Kuma Miko (Girl Meets Bear) in some detail including the series ending. If you’ve not seen the show and would like to, you may want to pass on this post!kumamiko03

Kuma Miko at first glance seemed like it would be like any other cute slice-of-life show with comedy elements, centering around the life of Amayadori Machi a 14 year old Miko living in a small village with her friend and companion, Natsu the talking bear. Machi wants to go to high school in the big city, but she’s totally inexperienced, so Natsu wants to make sure she’s ready for the wider world. Just like any other show is totally fine with me. I guess it’s like all the mediocre epic fantasy I read as a young teen, if it hits the expected notes well, it’s totally fine in my books. Known quantities can be comforting. Continue reading