12 Days of Anime: Day 12 – An Ode To Joy

Classicaloid is the anime which I have been really enjoying and it seems that other people aren’t really into. I want to finish off my 12 days of anime though with a look at the opening sequence of the first episode. I took piano lessons as a young child, and something about the sounds of classical music really struck a chord with me. I’ll still often opt for a classical piece if I’m just looking to relax, or as some low-key background sound while working on writing or chores. Classical music is often used in media, I think both because of its beautiful sounds and also because it’s in the public domain and therefore you don’t need to go through too many hassles to make use of the tunes. An Ode To Joy has been used many times in anime (I’m sure many of you can think of the dramatic sequence in Evangelion set to this tune), but Classicaloid puts its own spin on the classic tune.

This is unadulterated visual joy set to classical music. Continue reading