12 Months of Blogging!

1 YearI can’t believe that it’s been 12 months since I started this blog. I decided to start writing after I had the suggestion of a friend that it would be an activity that would be fun, boost my writing skills, and work on self-expression. I wasn’t really sure how long I’d be writing for and if I’d take to the activity, but after a year, I’m still here!

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I was not Maid for Dragons

I make no secret of the fact on my blog that two of my favourite genres of anime are slice-of-life and comedy, and I tend to like them even better when I get the two together. Everyday occurrences with a dash of humour sprinkled in seems like a surefire way of getting me to enjoy an anime. Except for when they’re not. Continue reading

Romance, Love, and Understanding

Happy Valentines Day to all my lovely readers! It’s technically not Valentines day in Australia still, but it is Valentines Day somewhere, and I think that counts! I thought I’d take this opportunity to speak about relationships in my favourite romantic* anime, I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying.

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Why I stopped scoring shows, and why I decided to start again

Outside of the realms of scoring a test, where there are predetermined correct or incorrect answers, or criterion to grade a piece of work, scoring can be a veritable minefield. There seems to be a lot of different opinions on how we should value or compare a piece of work to other similar pieces of work, whether this is books, films, games, or anime.

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Series Reflection – Izetta The Last Witch

This is a discussion of the plot and my detailed overall thoughts on the show. If you’re looking for a spoiler-free review, you can refer to this post. This post will absolutely contain spoilers! Lots of them! This is something a bit experimental for me, as I thought that both versions may be beneficial to different readers. I’m not sure how often I will create paired posts like this, but it is possible that I may do it for other seasonal anime if there’s some things I’d like to unpack and speak about.

Izetta is a show which I felt was pretty good all around except for where it really counted; the story.


Tanks in magic aerial battles: kind of cool

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12 Days of Anime: Day 1 – Seasonal Viewing

Welcome to my 12 days of anime! This is where anime bloggers around the world talk about 12 moments related to anime which stood out to them during this year. They don’t have to strictly be about shows which are new, just things that happened to you during the year related to anime. Ideally the posts are going up from the 14th to the 25th of December, but if someone’s schedule is a bit different to that, that’s also fine. I’m planning to have a mixture of scenes and anecdotes, and of some positive and less positive moments. I know some people theme these but my plan is a total mixed bag! Onto my first moment.


I’ve got this seasonal thing down. Maybe.

As I’ve started a blog, I’ve become a bit more serious about watching some shows as they air to keep up with the cool kids participate in the blogging community. In the past, I’ve been pretty content to let a series finish airing before I start watching it because that way I can see it at my own pace, and may only watch one or two things as they air (or start watching them as they air, lose all steam, and come back to them later… Dagashi Kashi, I’m coming back to you one day I promise). It’s very different picking shows as they air. This season, I’ve watched some things based on their first few episodes and overall reputation which I probably wouldn’t have if I’d known what they would be like as they finished. At the same time, it’s also been very interesting to share thoughts with a large group of people who are watching the shows at the same time, and even vicariously ‘watch’ a few shows through people who share episodic thoughts. I’ve also discovered that my natural taste is better than picking up shows because the community is talking about them. Of the shows I’d selected on my own, I’ve really liked them all, of the ones which I checked out mainly because of community interest, I’ve not found them as good. I’m quite happy sitting in my corner watching comedy shorts and cute girls doing cute things. Still, there’s an undeniable pleasure in being able to share excitement and opinions with people around you. I definitely plan to keep rolling the dice and watching more airing shows owing to the enjoyment of interacting with others.

Anime Tastes Better

In the series Koufuku Graffiti (it’s a show about cute girls doing cute cooking), the main theme of the show is that ‘food tastes better when you eat it with ones you love’. This is a short reflection on how I think this applies to anime. While it can be fun to watch by yourself, there’s just something about sharing your viewing experience with others which I think can add to your enjoyment. Continue reading

You ruined everything! – Thoughts on spoilers

This post is going to be something a bit different from what I’ve written so far, as it’s a general reflection. I’m still trying to figure out what to do with my blog and how I’d like to fill my twice a week post goal plus occasionally maybe a bit more (or should I actually bump it up to three times a week? I’ve been posting nearly three times a week as it is). I feel like committing myself to doing one series review per week is the act of a madperson, as I’m sure it’s not realistic to get through an entire series every week and be able to write about it, and I only have a finite amount of shows which I have already seen (plus for a lot of older shows my memories are so vague that I couldn’t write about them with any assurance). Perhaps reflections will become a regular part of my blog, or perhaps they will be a more occasional feature. I do have a few ideas for topics which I’m hoping to share with everyone.

The idea of spoilers is very much a hot topic. With information readily available to us these days on the internet, you can be only one click away from finding out something about a film, book, or a series which you haven’t seen yet, or you haven’t seen up to the point which has been discussed. Sometimes it’s even friends who are excited about something that you both enjoy who are a bit further ahead than you and share things that you don’t want to know. Some people can get very annoyed about finding out details, and there seems to unfortunately be some people who take joy in intentionally revealing information about something which will upset those around them. Continue reading