Series Review – Flip Flappers

Flip Flappers is a story about the cautious middle-schooler Cocona, who meets the mysterious and outgoing Papika, and together they travel to a variety of different worlds in an alternate dimension called Pure Illusion in order to collect amorphous fragments for the mysterious Flip Flap organisation.
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Series Review – Miss Bernard Said.

Miss Bernard Said. (Bernard-jou Iwaku.) is a series of shorts (3 minute episodes) which focus on Mochida Sawako who wishes to be perceived as well-read, and her friends who are genuinely interested in reading.

I think particularly in this day and age with sources of information so readily at our fingertips, there’s plenty of people out there who give off the air of being knowledgeable about a particular subject without having an in-depth knowledge of said subject. There’s a natural desire to want to fit in with those around us, and if our friends or acquaintances are passionate about a particular area of interest, I can understand the desire to feel informed about this area so that you can feel included. Miss Bernard pokes fun at both those who want to absorb the culture of a particular interest without being involved in the interest, and also those who think that only serious fans are true fans of a subject. Continue reading

Series Review – Izetta The Last Witch

This is a spoiler-free review of the show. If you’re looking to see my detailed thoughts on the plot, you can refer to this post. This is something a bit experimental for me, as I thought that both versions may be beneficial to different readers. I’m not sure how often I will create paired posts like this, but it is possible that I may do it for other seasonal anime if there’s some things I’d like to unpack and speak about.

Izetta The Last Witch is set in an alternate WWII where the ruler of Eylstadt, Archduchess Ortfiné Fredericka von Eylstadt (Finé) seeks to defend her small country against a Germanian invasion, together with the witch Izetta, who owes her a debt of gratitude owing to Finé helping her in the past.izetta05

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Series Review- Sekkou Boys

Confession time; this is actually the first idol anime I’ve watched. As it’s a series of comedy shorts (7 minute episodes) parodying idol anime, I don’t know if it was the right to go into the idol genre like this stone cold, but the idea of idols who were actually made from stone had a statuesque attraction.


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Series Review – gdgd fairies

Anime is frequently lauded for it’s overarching stories and quality 2D animation. gdgd fairies has none of these things, but I think that it’s still worth a look. gdgd fairies is a strange little series of comedy shorts (14 min episodes) created using the MMD (Miku Miku Dance) software. It features the life and adventures of three fairies, pkpk (Piku), shrshr (Shiru), and krkr (Koro). My review does mention some of the events of the show, but as it’s a sketch comedy, I don’t think these qualify as plot spoilers. Use your own discretion! This review discusses both seasons of the show, as they’re fairly similar in content.

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Series Review – Love Lab


Whilst there are many romantic comedies, Love Lab is something slightly different; a comedy about romance. It follows the adventures of 5 middle school girls who make up the student council at their all girls school as they search for the best ways to understand in order to start a romantic relationship, in spite of their school’s prohibition of dating.

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Series Review – Bananya

Series reviews will be sporadic on this blog; whenever I’ve completed watching a series, or want to write about something which I’ve already watched.


Much like the title Bananya is a portmanteau of banana and the noise a cat makes (nya), this series is about creatures who are a portmanteau of bananas and cats. It’s a series of short (3-minute) episodes following the daily lives and adventures of Bananya and his friends. Continue reading