12 Days of Anime: Day 11 – When I thought I Was Losing It

The first few minutes of The Devil Is A Part Timer anime are set in the fictional world of Ente Isla. We get to see some set up which leads to the Devil and the Hero being stranded on earth. The world has the typical fictional maps, typical fantasy trappings, but what it also has is a totally made up language.

I’m by no means fluent in Japanese, but I can often understand the thread of a conversation or at least pick out a few words. The fact that I was hearing the characters converse and not comprehending what was being said at all aside from subtitles was totally confounding. I stopped and restarted the video a few times just to confirm what was going on. I knew that there weren’t different audio options the way I was watching the show, so I was very much puzzled.

Thankfully, once the characters made it to Japan, there was some Japanese speech and I could work out what was going on! Well played Devil is a Part Timer! For a few minutes, I was totally immersed in a fantasy world and absorbed in a sense of strange otherworldliness. As an auditory moment, it’s not easy to convey in written form, but it was a truly memorable moment and something which added to the building of the fantasy world of Ente Isla.

Series Review – The Devil Is A Part-timer!

What do you think the leader of a demon army would do if stuck in our world with no magic. World conquest or chaos? How about casual employment? The Devil is a Part Timer (also known as Hataraku Maou Sama) shows the lifestyle of the demon leader trying to scrape out a living in modern Japan when he ends up stranded there.

This show is a great blend of three of my favourite genres; fantasy, comedy, and slice-of-life. It turns out that Satan (or Maou Sadao as he decides to call himself in Japan), has a very driven, responsible streak and on realising that there’s currently no way to return to his home world of Ente Isla where he was conducting a campaign of world domination, settles down to aiming to be the best possible employee of definitely not McDonalds MgRonalds. Unfortunately, what with a hero trying to chase him down and other visitors from Ente Isla, a peaceful life isn’t on the cards.hatarakumaousama03

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