This is a spot where I’ve collected some other blogs which may be of interest. I’ll try and keep this list full of reasonably active blogs.



Not exactly anime

Some blogs are interesting anyway even if they’re not related to the subject of this blog

  • Angela Clayton’s Costumery and Creations – Lots of process posts which look at the blogger creating costumes, mainly based on historical/period fashions.
  • Just Something About LynLyn – Posts about K-drama & J-drama with the occasional anime/manga post and some great images of food!
  • The Woks of Life – A cooking blog mostly focused on Chinese cookery. Plenty of delicious, achievable recipes, along with some more specialised/challenging things.

Do you have an anime blog that I don’t know about? (Or a blog involving food which isn’t cooking with cake mix, or something about sewing and clothing design) I’m open to checking out new blogs and maybe swapping links!


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