12 Days of Anime: Day 7 – Joy of Exploration

Say what you like about Flip Flappers (and to be honest, I ended up not loving the show), what I think that Flip Flappers did extremely well is showcase the wonder of exploring the unknown. As a child, and even now, I adore reading books or watching media where the characters explore a beautiful fantasy world. The Narnia series for instance is still a big personal favourite for that very reason. The world is beautiful and unknown, and the characters react in a way which reflects the joy of finding out something new.

The early episodes of Flip Flappers do the same thing in a stunning visual way. Look at this beautiful snowy world!

More importantly, look at how much fun the girls are having investigating the snowy world!

I think that the beauty of exploring the unknown can be applied to our everyday lives. We’re unlikely to open a wardrobe or be sucked down a pipe into a mysterious, snowy landscape (which is too bad to be honest), but there’s always things that we don’t know about yet, and I think that learning about many of them can be fun!flipflappers01

3 thoughts on “12 Days of Anime: Day 7 – Joy of Exploration

    • That’s very much how I feel about the show. If they’d decided to keep the show as a very straightforward ‘monster of the week’ show and just had the girls go into different worlds without trying to stuff 26 episodes of exposition into 3 episodes, I’d probably feel a lot warmer about Flip Flappers as a whole.

      I actually want to see more magical girl shows which are just straight-forward magical girls helping others with their magical powers. It doesn’t need to be dark or have a deep back story. I think Flip Flappers with its unique art style and great sense of place could have really excelled in this regard.

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