What’s on this season?

The start of this blog coincides with the beginning of the Fall 2016 anime season so I thought I’d do a quick overview of some of the shows on this season. I’m not going to do a complete list and review because I think that there are far better lists out there (livechart.me has comprehensive updated info, and I love the Cart Driver’s season previews though I miss the dumb fake charts). I’m not especially knowledgeable about things like studios and production staff, I just watch what I like to watch and I’m still working on articulating why, plus this preview is kind of a bit late as a few shows have already started airing. I’ll just list some of the things which have caught my attention and say if I’m keen on watching them, or alternatively if I think that they are to be avoided but I noticed them anyway.

Bernard-jou Iwaku


It’s shorts based on a comedy manga about a girl who wants to be well-read but actually doesn’t like reading. I’m planning to check out a few episodes of this and hope that it’s both funny and educational. I love literature and would enjoy a chance to find out about some more interesting titles.

Bishoujo Yuugi Unit Crane Game Galaxy


I watched the first season of Crane Game Girls which was made by the people who made JK Meshi (JK Meshi is an incredible show. It somehow achieves so much with so little. By so little I mean probably about 10 frames of animation) and while the show had more frames, it still had some of JK Meshi’s magic. It seems like they sold a few Blu-Rays as it’s back for a second season! The girls are back and they have to use their crane game skills to combat Dark Gorilla. I’m probably going to watch this although I must admit I may wait until the whole series is up and watch it all in one go.



This doesn’t interest me but the title is so cool

Okay what? I honestly would have thought that the world has had enough of vampire shows, but apparently not. Apparently these are vampires caused by science (the cure for a disease had a side-effect of turning the consumer into a vampire). The title of this show is pretty hilarious though. I can’t see myself watching it but I just felt like writing ‘Bloodivores’.

Flip Flappers


This looks like it’s going to be a magical girl anime with a really colourful art style. I like magical girls and I plan to check out the first few episodes of this show.

Long Riders


Road cycling happens to be one of the few sports that I actually know anything about owing to my father’s passion for the sport, and this promises cycling and slice-of-life. Although judging by the preview I think there may be more slice-of-life than cycling I’m pretty excited by this and I’m planning to blog each episode of the show this season.

Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On!


I like the idea of the Monster Hunter games, with their complex systems and involved gameplay, but my constant complaint and the thing which has stopped me from actually playing one is that they’re not cute enough. I like my games to be cute. This is Monster Hunter, and it’s cute. I realise it’s aimed at a young audience but I don’t consider that to be a particular drawback and I’m planning to watch this!



I watched the original Working!! series and rather enjoyed it but I have a feeling that like many slice-of-life series there can be too much of a good thing. The first season of K-On was great but the second season left me questioning what I was doing with my life and why I watched the first season. I’ll probably pass on this unless I hear really great things about it.

Yuri!!! on Ice


It’s about two guys called Yuri and Yuuri. And there’s ice. It seems like it’s going to be a sports anime. I guess the name delivers what it describes, although perhaps not what you might expect. Not really to my taste but the name definitely caught my attention.

Is there anything which you’re excited about this season?

2 thoughts on “What’s on this season?

  1. I’m a little late to this post, but if I may say http://www.Working!! is actually worth checking out. I felt the same as you did about too much of a good thing, but was actually pleasantly surprised with this season. All of the characters are rather original, and the plot has lots of new tropes compared to the original Working!!.


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