12 Days of Anime: Day 8 – Enjoying a California Roll

Earlier this year, I watched Sushi Police, a strange mix of satire of Japanese nationalism, odd comedy, and unusual visuals. The art style to me is faintly reminiscent of stop motion cartoons, although it’s a CG series.

The Sushi Police are so absorbed in their role of eliminating inauthentic sushi that they don’t care about anything else, as shown in this sequence from the second episode of the show.

sushipolice01I love it when shows lean so hard into their really dumb concepts that they put their whole heart into them, and Sushi Police I think really fits that category.

After all of that, I can still find myself opting for a California roll at times when I have sushi, but I can laugh at myself and the Sushi Police a little whenever I do. There’s a place for authentic cuisine, and I think it’s of value to preserve the culinary traditions of different countries, but I also think that cooking is about using what you have to create something tasty, so the fact that my nori roll is named after a state from the USA doesn’t make it any less enjoyable to eat.

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