Updating the Anime Tracker Comparison

Earlier this year, I created a blog post comparing a number of different anime tracking websites. I was surprised that this wasn’t a resource available elsewhere, so I put it together myself! In order to try and keep the comparison relevant, I’ve made some updates to the original post. This post just briefly talks about some of the changes which I’ve made.It turns out that anime tracking websites are one of my new hobbies in addition to actually watching anime. In spite of it perhaps being a very, very, silly idea really to have so much redundancy of information, I’ve enjoyed having a number of accounts and actually update most of them fairly frequently. I also enjoy data entry and clicker games. This perhaps says a lot about me.


Deciding on one thing can be difficult

What’s New?
I’ve discovered and signed up for a whole new tracking website; AniSearch. There’s more information in the comparison, but this new to me site has German origins and its most unique feature is perhaps the ability to keep track of some Asian live-action titles in addition to anime and manga. I’ve not really viewed enough live-action titles to be interested in using this feature or to be able to assess how expansive the database is, but I thought it was interesting.

In addition to this, Kitsu has made a few changes to their website, most notably the replacement of reviews with reactions; short comments on an entry for others to view limited to 140 characters. It’s interesting to see what people have to say while making use of the limited character count.

I’ve also become more familiar with the tracking websites which I’ve used, and been able to comment on a few more features. My favourite new discovery is perhaps Anime Planet’s recommendations engine, which I’ve found to be far more effective at suggesting titles I’d like to watch than any other recommendations feature I’ve seen. I’m not sure how much data you’d need to provide for the recommendations to be useful, but I was pleasantly surprised with the consistent reasonable quality of results.

What Next?
I’ll probably continue to make updates to my original post on occasion if I think there’s enough content for it to be worth me making a change. I am very open (and keen) to try out more tracking websites if people are aware of other ones. I’d even be happy to test out non English-language trackers, though the language barrier may affect how well I can test the features. Hopefully this resource can be useful to others who are looking for ways of keeping track of what anime they watch!


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